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Mapping with short throw projector



  • Support

    Hi Johannes,

    From our experience here at HeavyM projecting with ultra-short throw lenses, it can work but the surfaces need to be mostly flat otherwise the distortion and shadows get too difficult to correct, so in that case we don't work with volumes. Maybe other users can help you here on the forum regarding 3D+short throw projects, or you can try your luck on the Facebook group!

    Good luck, let us know the results!

  • Tina Stormcaller

    I have tried this using a short throw (not ultra short, just short). It isn't good for projecting on to my Olga as it gets very distorted very quickly, but it can work for projecting over a large area of something relatively flat. Also consider that if you are at an angle to the thing you are projecting on to, it is much harder to focus evenly across the whole area compared to a longer throw projector over a shallower angle, but not impossible depending on the space you are working with.

    I have experience with boat parties too, the ceilings tend to be very low and difficult to project above the crowd to reach behind a DJ, so if you have access to an ultra-short and be able to set it behind the DJ to project their logo, or animations based on their logo on a flat wall, that might work, but since I don't have an ultra short to try this with I can't say I've tested that. I have made logos using HeavyM faces, and it can work very well, but some effects don't work well with concave shapes (I've not updated version in a while so this may have been fixed, will be doing that at some point as I have no gigs for a while).

    It is fantastic in a larger space for projecting on ceilings, as you can cover a lot of area with them, but be aware the lumens your projector/beamer makes will be spread out over that area so you may have issues if there is a lot of light from other sources that can drown it out. 


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