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[HeavyM 2.12.0 beta] Release with Presets & Random



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    The first stable release for 2.12 is now available. You can update from HeavyM directly or get it from here.

    Here are the changes since the beta:

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a longstanding issue on video playback, that caused a mini-freeze of videos just before looping in certain formats/codecs and machines (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a rare Output Setup crash (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a rare crash that could happen after undoing a “Delete Group” action (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a crash at close-up that happened on Mac. It was not dangerous but would trigger unwanted warning popups from HeavyM and MacOS. (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a beta bug that prevented some projects created with previous versions from being loaded (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a beta freeze that could occur when deleting a sequence while Autopilot is On (2.12.1)
    • Fixed an issue that caused inactive Play cues on the Timeline (cues targeting deleted of draft sequences) to be included in video export (Pro+) (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a blink on the Line group effect (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that caused Shader effects on Players to not work when the Player is pinned to all four corners of the Canvas (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that caused Players to be impossible to Hide when they are pinned to all four corners of the Canvas (2.12.1)
    • Fixed an improper load of some LFO modes when applying presets (2.12.1)
    • Fixed an issue with case sensitivity when overwriting presets names (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Group Presets menu not to close properly (2.12.1)
    • Fixed undo/redo in “Manage Presets” windows (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong default color in the Color effect panel (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that caused an improper update of the settings panel of a shader or group effects after using the Random function (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the settings window of a Source to be cropped on lower resolutions (2.12.1)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented folder names from being removed from presets names (2.12.1)


    • Audio analysis performed on Timeline & Sequences audio files is now reflected precisely in the rendering in video exports (Pro+)
    • Audio files added to Sequences are now included in video exports (Pro+)
    • Added a quick “draft” option in the right-click menu of sequences
    • Added lower LFO speed values – down to 1/64 for tempo and 0.01 for speed
    • Improved performances of rendering in some situations where multiple groups are used
    • Regrouped all group effects in the same panel to get a global view and quicker browsing 
    • Improved the UI of Screen points interactions in the Output Setup
    • Tempo changes due to the use of the Tap feature are now correctly reflected in OSC feedback
    • Prevented the Incoming and Outgoing ports in OSC from having the same value, as it could create an infinite feedback loop
    • Prevented Keyboard letter assignments from being triggered when the user is editing a text field
    • Changed the location of the HeavyM directory on MacOS (containing Shaders, Presets, Exports & Logs) to make it easier to reach. It is now in “Documents”.
    • Added a button in Edit -> Preferences… -> General to reset all user warnings (like “Don’t show again” messages)
    • Implemented Undo / Redo actions on all Group Effects parameters (2.12.1)
    • Added more than 20 new built-in HeavyM presets for Groups (2.12.1)
    • Most parameters now support float values instead of integers only (when possible), with a precision up to two decimals (2.12.1)
    • Improved the performances of Audio Analysis (2.12.1)
    • Keyboard Controls assignments are not triggered anymore when you are simply trying to edit the value of a parameter in a spinbox (2.12.1)
    • Added feedback to the OSC message “/sources/[n]/medias/[n]/trigger” (2.12.1)
    • Changed the conditions of the Random function a bit, in order to limit the possibility of multiple LFOs with high speeds at the same time (2.12.1)
    • Folder names are taken into account for alphabetical sorting in “Manage Presets” windows (2.12.1)
    • After applying a preset, the settings window of a shader now stays open (2.12.1)
    • The Welcome Window is now included in the “Reset all warnings & tips” function (2.12.1)
    • Updated the in-app tutorial to include Group Effects presets (2.12.1)

    Let us know what you think!

  • mrcidavies

    Well, what a list!

    Congratulations Team in putting this together. Many options cover issues I've had, so Thank You.

    Sure you will get good feedback to this and a stable release soon.



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