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midi toggle settings missing



  • Support

    Hi Eric,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, you're right these buttons should appear in both 2.11 and 2.12. We just checked with a Novation Launchpad for instance and they do appear on our side.

    What kind of MIDI setup do you have? It seems you're using a virtual MIDI port, what messages are you sending to HeavyM exactly?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Eric Watkins

    I'm actually using the Novation Launchpad XL.

    Yes, I am using a virtual Midi port. I'm using LoopMidi and Midi-OX to then share the Novation Launchpad between HeavyM, Synestesia, and Light Jams. (That said, I've tested using it with just HeavyM and LoopMidi and that doesn't seem to work either.)

    I'm only trying to send a "play" message from the Novation to HeavyM to get the Sequencer to start playing the entire programmed sequence, so I'm almost stuck getting out of the gate as it were.

    Thanks for your help, any feedback you can give to to get this working would be great.



  • Support

    Hi Eric,

    I've just created a private ticket to facilitate file transfer and so that the tech team has easier access. We're going to keep troubleshooting this of course.

    If other users have a similar issue or have managed to make this configuration work, please let us know! Thanks.


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