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Movement Shader: Bricked and Color Test Grid



  • Support

    Hi there,

    You can make most of the parameters of these shaders vary to give the impression of motion, using LFOs. Look for the little dropdown next to a parameter to choose a variation:

    As for the color, I guess it depends on your case. Some shaders have a color parameter, so you can edit it directly in HeavyM, otherwise I can see two other methods: use a postprocessing shader that affects the color or change the color directly in the code of the shader in its .sf file on your computer (and reload HeavyM afterwards.)

    Hope that can help, have a nice day!

  • A One

    Thanks a Lot, that help a lot and get me into the isf stuff... Thanks a lot again...

    In the same time i wonder is it's possible to change the color of text otherwise than RGB EQ?

  • Support

    Hi again,

    I usually prefer another shader, "Duotone", with full transparent as the "darkColor" and the color I want as the "brightColor". Could that work for you?

    Have a nice day!


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