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LED video wall setup?


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    I'm glad to hear about your venture into expanding your sound company's services with a LED video wall. Regarding your query about using HeavyM for your setup, I have some good news. Yes, you can indeed send real-time content generated with HeavyM to a video wall controller using an HDMI cable. This setup will work fine for your needs.

    As for your specific requirement of placing LED panels in different positions on the stage and sending the same or different content to these configurations, HeavyM is capable of handling this. Although it's primarily known for projection mapping, the software's flexibility allows it to adapt to various display setups, including LED walls and panels.

    It's great that you've been checking out the training videos. While they mostly showcase projectors, the principles and techniques should generally apply to LED walls/panels as well. The key is in how you configure your output settings in HeavyM to match your hardware setup.

    If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask the support :

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