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Using HeavyM with video wall controller


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    Hello P Georges,

    Firstly, we truly appreciate the effort and creativity you're putting into setting up your projection mapping project with HeavyM. We understand that working with a 2 x 2 video wall controller presents its unique set of challenges, and we're here to guide you through the process.

    Regarding your setup with the Orei UHP-202VW video wall controller, it's important to note that HeavyM perceives the controller as a single screen rather than separate outputs. This means that the software sends one large frame to the controller, which then divides the video signal across your projectors. Because of this, HeavyM's output setup window won't allow for individual screen control for warping or edge blending directly.

    However, there's a workaround to achieve the desired effect within the canvas itself. You can use four different players to play the same video source but crop each one to a quarter of the video. This way, you can individually warp each player using the player options in the properties panel on the left side of the user interface. While this method doesn't support blending, it allows for precise control over the warping of each section.

    As for the MST (Multi-Stream Transport) hub, it could be a viable solution if it allows HeavyM to recognize and control each output separately in the output setup window. If the MST hub behaves similarly to your current controller, you might encounter the same limitations.

    We hope this guidance helps you move forward with your project. Please don't hesitate to share your progress or reach out if you have any more questions or run into further issues. We're here to support your creative endeavors with HeavyM and ensure you achieve the best possible results.

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