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mapping is out of focus



  • Official comment

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reaching out with your question. When it comes to projecting on an angled surface where the distance from the lens to the surface varies, achieving uniform focus across the entire area is, unfortunately, a bit tricky due to the varying distances.

    The workaround is to find the best compromise. One option is to focus on the middle part of the surface, which might provide a balance between the nearer and farther ends, though it could lead to a slight blur at the extremes.

    Alternatively, using multiple projectors, each focused on a specific section of the surface, could help maintain better focus uniformity across the board. This approach requires a bit more setup and precise calibration to ensure the projected images blend seamlessly (edge-blending technique).

  • Tina Stormcaller

    ^ What they said, will add that this effect seems to be worse with short throw projectors so I recommend saving them for projecting on flat or near-flat surfaces, and avoid large angles where possible. Long throw has less of an effect with this, but also has the benefit of being able to have it beam over the top of a crowd or other obstructions, but you will need to construct a good and safe way to mount it. Lighting truss, half-couplers and steel safety cables are your friends here. 


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