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Projected canvas is smaller using HeavyM than when connected directly to projector



  • P Georges

    After further testing, the same thing happens when images are sent directly from Windows without going through HeavyM.  So the problem is elsewhere.  Full size image when using USB drive connected directly to projector, but 10% reduction if input comes from a computer.  Still, if there is a way to scale the image up in HeavyM, it would be great to know how.  Thanks

  • Support

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the follow-up with your findings. If the issue is computer or projector-related, I don't see a way to compensate for that in HeavyM sorry. 

    Maybe you can look into the projector or Windows settings? What's the resolution of your projector when you project via the USB drive directly? What is the resolution that is shown in Windows when it's connected to the computer? Could there be a zoom setting somewhere?
    Hope you'll find the answer there.

    Have a nice day,



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