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Multiple projectors



  • Jonathan Centeno

    Yes you can use 3+ projectors at the same time and different videos at the same time, a good place to start would be checking out the specs on your computer, some computers can only handle 2 outputs at a time. It could also be your processing power.

  • Support

    Hi there,

    Yes this use case is possible. Here's an example of an output setup for 3 FullHD displays with 1 player on each screen showing different content:

    Please send your computer specs, Log folder (Documents/HeavyM) and project folder with all media files to the technical support so that we can investigate the cause of the issue. As Jonathan Centeno said, maybe this setup is too resource-intensive for your computer specs.

    How are you triggering the sequences containing the videos? Timeline/Autopilot/Manual? Each of these is explained in the help center and they depend on what you want to achieve exactly.

    Have a nice day,



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