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Integrate Notch effects in sequence



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    Hi Davide,

    I would say it depends on what you want to achieve exactly!

    I'm not entirely familiar with Notch, but I believe it supports Spout and NDI (as HeavyM does), which lets you send the stream from Notch into HeavyM or vice versa. Is that what you'd like, integrate the live rendering of Notch into your HeavyM project? Here are some resources on how it works in HeavyM: Connecting with other apps.
    OSC could allow communication, for instance controlling some features remotely, but visual data like the rendering cannot be shared via OSC.

    Let me know if that's what you're aiming for.

    Have a nice day,


  • Davide 445

    Thanks Lea
    I want to achieve three actions
    1) Have a specific sequence, that once activated trigger a specific Notch project (or executable)
    2) have Notch output tunnelled trough HeavyM so that I can add also HeavyM effects and music on top of it
    3) have the Notch output stopped when I trigger the next sequence
    Not sure how to achieve this

  • Support

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the details. I can think of a few ideas to try:

    • If your Notch project doesn't have a beginning/end, it could run in a loop in the background with an NDI Output node and you can receive its output it in HeavyM. In HeavyM, add a Player associated to an "NDI Stream" source and choose your Notch output as the input stream. That way, you can choose in which HeavyM sequences to display it and in which sequences not to display it.
    • If you absolutely need to trigger the Notch timeline at a certain point, then OSC could be the way to go in addition to NDI for the visuals. Either using a third-party app to trigger both actions in Notch and HeavyM via a single button, or maybe using the OSC feedback from HeavyM to trigger actions in Notch (not tested).

    Hope that helps. Have a nice day,



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