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Output audio quality



  • Official comment


    In audio the quality of the signal is determined by the worst component of the chain.
    That means that you have to check every component yourself including cables, mixers and stuff.
    Unless it turns out to come from HeavyM but it seems unlikely.


  • Martin Rott

    This reminds me of me every larger event trying to use some default soundcard. There is so much noise everywhere, so basically only not hissing source is usually a laptop not connected to mains power. 

    Pro tip is to use optical audio, there's no noise, no hissing, no electric potential, no problem.

    Regards, MR

  • Davide 445

    Thanks both, my post was also due I remember reading an article about HeavyM suggested sound cards, but I didnt find it so was probably immaginating it.

    Today I will finally ask to an audio specialized shop for help, deepening the topic I need to connect my PC to a mixer Yamaha LS9 that has also a digital 2TR audio in, but how to reliably connect an optical TOSLINK audio out (from the PC sound card if I purchase it) to an analog RCA jack used in 2TR without transferrimg suprious noise it's not clear at all at least to me, so will ask a professional.

  • Davide 445

    Just to add following specialists advice I purchased a Motu M2 external audio interface, supposed to solve the probem together with balanced audio cables.

    I will need to test on the theather, but sure not a software problem.

  • Support

    Hi Davide,

    Thanks for following up, hope everything will go well in the theater!

    Have a nice day,



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