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File import



  • Official comment

    Hi Sascha and everyone,

    We're sorry that our first answers on this thread were a bit misleading on the timeline. We do still have this kind of feature in our plans but it probably won't be in the next couple of releases. As Claire mentioned, we've had to update our roadmap due to various reasons.

    As for a workaround, it seems that another user might have found a manual solution in this facebook post maybe you can check it out.

    Have a nice day!

  • Curtis McHenry

    Seconding this, would be lovely and definitely necessary to be able to import Vector files to use as shapes. We laser cut a lot of wood projects and have vector files for them.

  • goalist

    Thumbs up, i would love to import vector files (svg) directly in Heavy M. My friend bought a CNC milling machine last year. Since then we do also a lot of wood projects. It would be nice if we can import the vectorfile directly, without "redraw" it.

  • Léa

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your interest in this feature, all I can tell you is it's definitely in our plans for the future :)


  • Wel.t.Raum

    Am also supporting this one.
    I'm making vector drawings with thousands of elements for a single picture.. would be awesome to import those. :)

  • Wilhelm

    100% support on this, very important for professional stage setup to be able to quickly map computer designed and fabricated objects! 

    As always, at least some type of timeline is always welcome for features, or public prioritization list (might be vote-based). I understand that it's hard to promise timelines with software development, but saying "in the future" 5 months ago would at least warrant an updated official statement? 

    Cheers for a great app, love all the updates in V2!

  • Claire

    Hello Wel.t.Raum, hello Wilhelm,

    I understand your needs, that totally makes sense!

    We are indeed behind in the development of this feature as other needs have taken priority. Really sorry for the trouble here.
    I added your votes to this feature request to bring it up in the priorities of our roadmap.

    Also, thank you for your understanding of timelines. As you say, it is difficult to promise dates with software development.
    However, you should know that we regularly prioritize our product roadmap and the votes on the posts in this Feature Wishlist forum help us a lot.
    To vote for an idea, just click on the little Up Arrow just above the Cog icon on the right of the post.

    Thank you very much,


  • Sascha Kaufmann

    Hi there :D

    As there was no activity in this thread for about half a year I wanted to quickly ask if this feature will be available in the forseeable future? And would it maybe be possible to do the conversion by hand until there is an official feature for this?



  • Joe Purnell

    I'm with Sascha, very interested in hearing some updates on this one.  Unfortunately I don't use facebook and you have to authenticate in order to see the post.  Anyone able to summarize? Like Curtis, I create files and send them to the laser printer and then project on to them, so it would really simplify things, especially on complex paths.

  • Matt Moran

    Can anyone give a few quick tips on how to use the manual code that was graciously shared? I think I almost understanding, but am having trouble getting it to work. Thanks!

  • A Morisseauleroy


    Cette fonction est elle toujours dans la roadmap ? 

  • Léa


    Cette fonctionnalité est toujours dans notre backlog de travail oui, mais je n'ai pas plus de précisions à vous donner quand à son intégration pour le moment. Elle ne sera pas incluse dans la prochaine mise à jour en tout cas. Merci de votre compréhension.

    Bonne journée à vous.


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