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Its the right manner to use Groups?



  • Official comment

    Hi Paolo,

    I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're trying to achieve. Do you want to draw the piano keys or project an image for each key?

    If you want to draw the keys, you could just use one group for all white piano keys if they all have the same color/effect, as all shapes in a group have the same effects.

    Here is a tutorial detailing how group effects work in HeavyM 1: Hope that helps.


  • Paolo Pini

    Hi Léa,

    thanks for your reply.

    Yes I want to map every single key of the piano keyboard to simulate the player chord, I understood that I need to create a group for each key I want to draw. 


  • Wel.t.Raum

    I also recognized that this could be a problem.. is it possible somehow, to have effects rather within a group OR on a single face within an group? With the face effect overwriting group effect or vice versa to chose from? Would be great!
    (I use groups for organizing my layers and it pretty fast gets very confusing, if there is a new group needed for every detail of an eye, e.g.)

  • Claire

    Hi Wel.t.Raum,

    Thank you for your explanations!

    I understand that the management of effects by groups is sometimes constraining, especially with projects whose design is as detailed as an eye.

    We don't plan to change this feature for the moment. But I'll add your idea to our list of suggestions, it will be very useful when we think about improvements on groups and effects.

    Thanks a lot!



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