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Thanks guys, really professional



  • Official comment

    Hi guys,

    First of all, we understand that you are upset, there's been an error with our licensing system that caused your license to stop working in 2021 and the whole team was on holiday at the time and didn't see the issue, we apologize deeply for that. It should all work fine now, if not, please create a ticket with your license info here.

    As you've noticed, version 2 of HeavyM is still in development despite having been announced for 2020 at first. The last few months, you've received successive beta versions in order to allow us to correct the last issues that prevent the software from being used normally. These beta versions have a limited period of validity, to make sure they are only used in a test setting and to guarantee that you're using the latest update. We apologize for the constraints and limits this is causing, as well as for the delay. Some issues are more complex to solve than expected for all configurations. We are convinced it's better to make sure the level of quality is sufficient on most computers, than to rush the release of a version.

    Lastly, I can assure you that the support team sees all posts in the forum. As the forum is a place for users to discuss together, we sometimes don't want to intervene, for example when you discuss a new feature request, but it doesn't mean we don't see it believe me. Also, we sometimes answer privately to users if the matter is private, like a license issue, or if, like you did, the user has created a request via multiple forms and we've already answered his tickets somewhere else. I can only apologize again that it took us so long to resolve your license issue this time, as it happened during a holiday weekend.

    We thank you again for your patience and support and wish you a happy new year.


  • Forest Brown

    I am in the same boat friend. I downloaded the new v5 beta to see how it was and was told that my license was expired. my lifetime license....expired.... I have reached out to them and have yet to receive a reply. Im about to start demanding a refund. I pre-ordered HM2 back in MAY. I have watched every release date get pushed back more and more. I mean hell at least let me use HM1 until the full HM2 is released. I have been using HM1 since May with no issues, I downloaded the beta v5 and it has apparently rendered my license expired. Im pissed. 

  • mrcidavies


    I can confirm that the V1 license has renewed and I can now use the software, thanks. The V2 beta required me to re-submit the license code from the email and is now functioning. 


  • Léa

    Awesome, thanks for the follow-up. 

    The team apologizes again for the timing of this license issue.

    Have a nice day,



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