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Can't find bezier?



  • Official comment

    Hi Lukas,

    Bézier curves have been introduced in HeavyM 2 (currently in beta phase), so if you're using an older version you won't find them. Creation of curves in HeavyM 2 is decribed here.

    In HeavyM 1.11, pre-defined ellipse and curve shapes are the only curves you'll find. You can read about them in the 1.11 version manual (Help --> PDF User Manual)

    Hope it clarifies things.

    EDIT for everybody: HeavyM 2 is now officially in public beta everyone, check your emails :)

  • Lukas

    Thank you Léa :)

    How I can get HeavyM 2 beta?
    Currently, we are changing all interior of a club, putting there your Olga kit and creating custom shapes, bézier tool is a must for creating planned mapping with HeavyM.


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