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Shaders Library



  • Official comment


    There's no option to do this at the moment. We've noted your suggestion and we'll keep following this discussion if other users have inputs on the subject!

    Thanks for your interest and your support :)

  • goalist

    Hi BenBen,

    you can use Link Shell Extension - Schinagl (Windows) to create a symlink to a path on the external drive.

    Backup the folder Documents/HeavyM/ShadersLibrary.

    Delete your "Documents/HeavyM/ShadersLibrary", go to your folder with all the shaders and right click "pick link source", then back to your folder "Documents/HeavyM", right click "drop as symlink".

    Rename the symlink to ShadersLibrary. Voila now your library is linked.


    Best Regards 




     I doing this all the time because all my libraries are on a external drive. 


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